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a snippet of my #moviereviewof #astarisborn: "before seeing this movie, the horrible, mega cheesy trailer got me worried, i thought despite all the early #oscarattention, this might match #thegreatestshowman’s quality, thankfully i was wrong. in fact, beyond just making a dang enjoyable film, the three-time #academyawardnominee exploits his clear skill in acting, singing, and directing. #bradleycooperenhances his reputation beyond just the sincere tear drips he controls, but also shows a grand soul at a small-scale production size that proves bigger is not always better, unless that bigger thing is the heart. this character of his that represents all of #arizonashares marvelous chemistry alongside #ladygagaenough to deeply move her performance in a way that will inspire any women watching. the famous pop singer first croons down a dark alley to communicate pain whilst the memorable title card comes up, then tops it off with a heavy-hitting finale she put her entire self into. the costumes never call attention to themselves, as the noise depicted by the massive shaky-cam is relied upon instead to bulge out the true emotions. in any other project, this technique would come off as amateurish, but here, it helps authenticate every performance, especially when the energetic stage lights illuminate the steam to represent self-expression. yes, a star is born is seriously worth glowing on about, even though everything beforehand worked against me having a good time; my ticket was paid out of pocket since #moviepasswent flat-out faulty on a night the theater was so packed i had to sit third row from the screen. yet miraculously, this piece of entertainment, like the passion in superb gifts, left an ultimate impact that knows how to salt the earth and enlighten the world with others who hope to do great." #oscars2019 #moviereview  #filmcritique  #cinephilecommunity  #filmreviews #moviereviews  #filmreview  #movielover  #cinephile  #filmbuff  #filmlover  #moviecritic #moviebuff  #moviereviewer  #moviejunkie  #moviefan  #instamovie  #instamovies  #moviestagram  #instafilm  #indie  #reviewfilm

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