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@starisbornmovie , the perfect movie ! nothing i would change. @ladygaga is a true revelation, in this movie she emerges as a true artist: singer, songwriter, and actress. who knew ! she must have always been an actress, we’ve only discovered it now. so incredible how she nailed the evolution of her character and the two different states: a nobody who is an aspiring singer, and a world famous superstar. never seen her so beautiful, and special. note that she seems to be playing a totally different personality than in real life, and does it really well and naturally. where did that come from?! bradley cooper.. there are no words. it’s like he created a soul for this film: a kind, tortured soul that feels so real. can’t believe this is the same cool dude from limitless. he is completely different, and delivers a performance that will give you chills. the movie is also a beautiful tribute to those affected by alcoholism and depression. and to art, music, and artists. and to love ! you know how good films have one or two iconic scenes that are used for acting training? this film has so many. almost every scene is beautifully written, deep, about love, life and everything else. listening to the songs on repeat ! cooper needs to keep directing films.

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