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earlier this week, the investigation into donald trump’s criminal scandals took what we thought was the most laugh-out-loud turn possible when it was revealed that trump’s attorney #michaelcohenwas also secretly the attorney for #foxnewshost #seanhannity. it’s taken all of three days for a new development to come along that arguably tops it in terms of laughter-worthiness: trump’s new defense attorney is #rudygiuliani. no, really.donald trump is hiring one of his own alleged criminal co-conspirators as his new attorney? this is one step removed from trump announcing that his new attorney is paul manafort. then again, when you’re in so deep that your longtime attorney michael cohen is already one of your alleged criminal co-conspirators, maybe there’s nothing more to lose by hiring even more people to represent you who might end up sharing a cell with you.there’s a reason we’re now seeing so many laugh-out-loud moments piling up on top of each other: donald trump and his side are just that desperate. there was a point in the #watergatescandals when richard nixon, a comparatively smart and reasonable person, became so desperate that he began producing laugh-out-loud moments. nixon stated that a nearly-deaf senator named john stennis should be the one to listen to the watergate tapes and decide what should or shouldn’t be passed along to prosecutors. it was a sign that nixon was so near his demise, and so desperate to throw anything at all the wall, no matter how ridiculous, he was no longer worried about appearances. donald trump is now at that stage, except he’s much less intelligent and sane than nixon was, so it’s all even stupider. trump his hiring rudy giuliani as his attorney? come on. really, what’s next? 😅🍿🙄 mama get your popcorn 😂________________________________________ #receipts #neveragain #notmypresident #stormydaniels #illegitimatetrump #trumprussia  #russia  #lawrenceodonnell #rachelmaddow  #muellertime #lockhimup #msnbc #tea #sarahhuckabeesanders #resist  #donaldtrump #imwithher #maga #funnymeme #impeachtrump #collusion  #breakingnews #vote2018  #true45

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