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vidmatecontest #winrs17000 #happywomensday #womensdaywithvidmate #vidmatexplan #ucnews @vidmateins #ucnews entry 🙋2⃣ here is my a "w" gesture ♥️for #wchallenge all women are inspiration for me👩 i want you to understand that we are as big as we want to be, and as long as you believe that you can make a change, you will. maybe it won't be from one day to another, but you can't give up, i'm calling you to act. if you think that something is repressing you, don't let it. if you think something is not fair, speak. if you think none of the options that the world is giving you is what you want, look for it. and do the same for other women. we have to protect and respect and support each other. i ask you, what about the she for she? why do i feel sometimes like we are letting other people fight for us? it doesn't matter if you live in the most hidden part of the world, or if you are old or too young, as long as you are actually doing something. now it's our turn. 👩 if you will, and i will, we can.✊✊

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