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#vidmatecontest #winrs17000 #happywomensday #womensdaywithvidmate #vidmatexplan #ucnews @vidmateins #uc news entry 🙋1⃣ here is my a "w" gesture ♥️for #wchallenge all women are inspiration for me👩 sometimes we believe that we are nobodies, that dreaming of changing the world is impossible for common people like us. that we are dreaming too big. but those women who we admire, they were all just like us, the difference is that they weren't afraid of thinking and speaking. society has a lot of influence in creating stereotypes and impacting others, but we also have influence. we can’t always complain about society discriminating women and being a bad influence when we are doing nothing to change it. and that's when you, the one who is reading this, gets into action. we demand equality, we want our rights to be respected, we all want to become great women someday, but we can't wait for other people, even other women, to do things for us to get there; we need to do it ourselves.  we need to act together. we are a huge community. thanks to women who haven't been selfish, who have been amazingly careful and who were not afraid of expressing their ideas aloud, have kept raising the community. now it's our turn. 👩 if you will, and i will, we can.✊✊

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