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before our #skyscraper trailer launch during the #superbowl, it’s with boundless gratitude and humility i introduce you to this man @teamglas who inspired me to take on this role. the first american amputee to climb mt everest, mr. jeff glasbrenner. being that my character in the movie has only one leg, i knew when i said “yes” to this role, it would be the biggest challenge of my career and most significant because of the community i would represent. i realized thru this entire process that there’s no way i could ever truly understand what it’s like to be an amputee unless i had been one myself. i’m grateful that jeff gave me the motivation & psychology to fully immerse myself in the role and for that i gave him my word that every one of my actions in this movie would be from my gut, mind and heart. with so much respect, i thank you brother for everything and i hope i make you proud. and thank you for the words i’ll never forget that you shared with me when you first lost your leg... “you can choose to be powerful or you can choose to be pitiful, but you can’t be both”.... amen. #jeffglasbrenner #inspiration #skyscraper summer 2018

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