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photo by @timlaman | a wild female orangutan in borneo crosses a fallen tree making a natural bridge over a river. this is a new camera trap shot i just got on my recent visit to gunung palung national park in indonesian borneo. i was there checking on my ongoing @natgeo project to try to document the less well known nocturnal mammals. but in this case, i captured an orangutan female instead, actually carrying a baby on her belly (that is hard to see except its orange fur) who was being chased by bees and came down to the ground. if you look closely, you can see many bees around her. orangutans like to raid bee hives and eat the honey, but when they get swarmed by the bees, they often drop to the ground to try to make an escape and this female just happened to cross this log over the river where my remote camera was set up. follow me @timlaman to see more animals that triggered my camera traps in borneo’s rainforest. #orangutan, @savegporangutans, @yayasanpalung, #gunungpalungnationalpark, #kalimantan, #rainforest, #borneo, #indonesiabiodiversity.

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