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this pair of images by @brianskerry and w. h. longley/charles martin can be purchased in the @natgeoimagecollection flash sale from the archives: then and now for only $100 each. shop the sale now until october 13th, 11:59 pm est. visit ngic.photos/ngflashsale . . . underwater exploration is at the core of national geographic’s mission. one of the biggest challenges to tell the visual stories of the oceans and seas? light. noted marine biologist w. h. longley and charles martin, director of national geographic’s photographic lab, experimented for months in the 1920s with ways to capture images of fish. they eventually produced this image of a hogfish - the world’s first underwater color photograph. although camera equipment is far more advanced today, this lighting problem still exists. brian skerry has worked with national geographic photo engineers to devise state-of-the-art camera housings and flash units to be able to capture ethereal scenes such as this whale shark swimming off the coast of australia.

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