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it’s the #nasa60thbirthday! 🚀 sixty years ago today, we opened our doors for the first time. since then, we have accomplished too much to summarize. we have led the peaceful exploration of our solar system, from the historic moon landing to traveling as deep as interstellar space with the voyager 1 space probe. we have perfected aeronautics with flight testing, computer simulations, and superior airplane designs. we have established a permanent human presence in space with the international space station, which stands as a testament to the strength of international cooperation. our technology has found its way into every nook and cranny of society, including our food safety, power tools, and gps. we have turned our eyes, cameras, and satellites back towards earth, in order to predict weather and patterns of global change. and the most exciting part is – this is just the beginning. very soon, we will be returning to the moon, and using it as a platform to take manned missions to mars and beyond. there are so many images from the past six decades that capture the scope of what we have accomplished, it’s hard to choose which ones to share. swipe to see some of our most important and celebrated moments—ranging from the historic moon landing, to our views of earth from above, to a look ahead of our upcoming missions across the solar system. what do you think we'll accomplish over the next sixty years? image credits: nasa + others #nasa60th #nasa #space #history #nasahistory #60years #anniversary #birthday #firstdayofbusiness #exploration #science #astronomy #astronauts #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #photos #solarsystem #technology #engineering #1958

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