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heads or tails? using chandra x-ray observatory (@nasachandraxray) data, astronomers captured this dramatic image of an enormous tail of hot gas stretching for more than a million light years behind a group of galaxies falling into the depths of an even-larger cluster of galaxies. discoveries like this help astronomers learn about the environment and conditions under which the universe's biggest structures evolve. galaxy clusters are the largest structures in the universe held together by gravity. while galaxy clusters can contain hundreds or even thousands of individual galaxies, the lion's share of mass in a galaxy cluster comes from hot gas, which gives off x-rays, and unseen dark matter. image credit: x-ray: nasa/cxc/inaf/a. wolter et al; optical: nasa/stsci #nasa #universe #science #cosmos #galaxy #stars #beautiful #pictureoftheday #xray #astronomy #picoftheday

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