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photo by @williamalbertallard | lancaster county, pa, 1964. the portrait of the fragile but seemingly unafraid little girl seen alongside the heads of two enormous draft horses was published in the august, 1964 issue of national geographic in my essay on the amish of lancaster county, pennsylvania. the child was with her father who was working in his fields. at some point in the afternoon she was standing in the back of a farm wagon, the horses, unhitched, were about to be led to the barn and for a moment they provided the background for her profile. her blouse appears worn, perhaps a bit dirty from childish play, and its pale blue color seems to echo the softness in the child's light complexion and wispy, blond hair. photographing the amish was the beginning of my photographic depiction of several subcultures in my country and elsewhere during the 1960's. my essays on the amish in 1964, the basques of france and spain in 1968, and the hutterites of montana in 1969, all dealt with the lives of people living in a culture of their own. #followme@williamalbertallard for more images of the amish and other assignments spanning five-decades. @thephotosociety #amish #farm #child #horses #onassignment #filmphotography

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