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photo by stephanie sinclair @stephsinclairpix | @tooyoungtowed. baby, 17, and claude, 48, of freetown, sierra leone, were married during the ebola crisis. because of her small stature, baby needed a cesarean section to safely give birth to their son, joseph. this image was made #onassignmentfor @natgeo for a story called the dangerous lives of girls. while child marriage is a critical issue in both crisis and stable contexts, the rates of girls married underage is rising at alarming rates in humanitarian settings according to @girlsnotbrides. today is the 7th annual international day of the girl child. poverty, violence, and cultural traditions oppress millions of girls in every part of the world. it is still a global struggle to have girls valued for more than their bodies — for just their sexuality, fertility and labor. today we come together to help galvanize support and inspire the international community to do its part to establish, expand and protect girls’ rights so girls are free to determine the course of their own lives. it’s also a time to celebrate girls in every way, which is long overdue. #idg2018 #dayofthegirl #tooyoungtowed #endchildmarriage #girls

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