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president trump told us he would hire the best people. of course he didn’t. as for the people he did hire, he forgot to mention he would throw all of them under the bus if he needed people to blame, and ethical judgment and character weren’t employment requirements. after fingering un ambassador nikki haley for misspeaking about adding more russian sanctions, blaming it on her “confusion,” ms. haley pushed back yesterday, saying “i don’t get confused.” she may not be confused, but she has tire tracks from a big bus running right across her back. as for epa administrator scott pruitt, he’s clearly not confused, especially when it comes to mis-using taxpayer dollars. he’d push his grandmother in front of a bus to get a few more frequent flyer miles credited to his personal account. in theory the government works for the people, not the other way around. #resist #votethemout #throwthemout #mueller #muellertime #impeachtrump #impeachment #notmypresident #worstpresidentever #dumptrump #nevertrump #stoptrump #indivisible #lovetrumpshate #trumpcounter

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