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#vidmatecontest #winrs17000 #happywomensday #womensdaywithvidmate #vidmatexplan #ucnews @vidmateins #ucnews entry 🙋4⃣ here is my a "w" gesture ♥️for #wchallenge all women are inspiration for me👩 the most special woman in my life is my mom👩. she is a giver of my life.♥️ my mom is a greatest person and my first soul friend who guide my way too. she has accompanied me even before i came into this world. no one in the world can replace the deep love of my mom for me. she is my role model. she has taught me all the values and norms required to be what i am today. she is my source of inspiration. and i have inherited many qualities of hers — hard work, patience, humility, kindness, simplicity, perseverance, tolerance, forgiveness, understanding, farsightedness etc​. these values are strong foundation of my life. thanks to my mom🙏 she is power house of our family. today i am also a proud mother of two kids 😘😘 women are the 🅱est dedicated to all women's.😇

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