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#regram #rg @leonardodicapriofdn: "motherhood” photo by @daisygilardini - in celebration of #polarbearday. a remarkable event happens in wapusk national park in manitoba, canada, every year, in march and april. polar bears who entered “maternity dens” the previous october and gave birth in november are ready to leave their dens for the first time, their now four-month-old cubs in tow. the timing coincides with the annual seal birthing season on the pack ice in hudson’s bay — easy food for the polar bears. it’s extremely rare to witness the exit of the bears from their dens and one has to face incredibly challenging conditions. temperatures can drop as low as -54c. winds will gust up to 60 kms (38 miles) an hour. that effort is well rewarded, though, if you’re able to witness the most iconic animal of the arctic kingdom in such close proximity, at its most intimate moments.

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