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this is a takeover! damn, i shoulda said that, huh. ah well. follow my beloved gallery @kahngallery who shows my work at art fairs around the world along with other really great artists! i’m very grateful to geraldine and crew 💕🙏🏽💕 and now i got their insta under my controlllllll #repost @kahngallery with @get_repost ・・・ hi everyone! my name is chad goei, i’m an abstract artist in east hollywood, california, and i’m taking over kahn gallery’s ig for the week! 🙌🏽 i’ll be posting works, wips, things about my process, my life, maybe a video or 2, who knows. 🔺🤺 it also just so happens that after 21 years in la and 8 years in my current place, i’m moving out and hitting the road for some travel adventures, right after i show at @theotherartfair here in la in mid-march. this week — i start packing 💆🏻‍♂️ you can keep me company! stay tuned for more details on my travels, upcoming shows, etc. also check me out @onthebored 🙏🏽 #chadgoei #takeover

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