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grateful to have this (tequila infused) celebratory dinner. last week was an extraordinary week of @sevenbucksprod business. jumanji becoming sony’s 3rd highest grossing movie of all time. announcing the titan games with nbc. global trailer launch of skyscraper and the big sale of red notice to universal & legendary. no success ever happens alone. we’re all a product of our environment and the hard working people we keep around us. from the right, @bslater9 (wme partner and my lead agent), @flynnpictureco (my lead producing partner/founder of flynn pics), @ms.wendyjane (vp of flynn pics), @rawsonthurber (writer/director skyscraper & red notice and all around good handsome egg) and some big, brown, bald, tattooed circus act who just keeps photobombing his way into otherwise great pictures. but at least he pays the tab so he’s good for something. #gratefulsob

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